Reviews of goods from AliExpress. Reviews of goods from AliExpress. I bought a couple of PSUs for my own, at the 11.11 sale at 368r. a piece. Now it is more expensive, but no one canceled coupons and regular sales … There will be no parsing, it’s a pity to spoil it. An interesting device for a mini-set “PSU, a pair of cables always with you.” 13 Dec 2021 17:48 author: lsm views: 915 comments: 7. Discounts and sales ALIEXPRESS.RU. 13 December 2021 4:20 pm by wordchild views: 521 comments: 11. Discounts and sales ALIEXPRESS.RU. 13 December 2021, 15:50 by wordchild views: 221 comments: 9. AliExpress Home and garden goods Item number 18. Price: $ 40.99. 13 Dec 2021 3:12 pm by Ramiro views: 1379 21 comments. ALIEXPRESS.COM discounts and sales. 13 December 2021, 13:14 posted by bobster views: 1007 comments: 4. Discounts and sales ALIEXPRESS.RU. Cats are known to quickly lose interest in balls and other toys if they don’t move on their own. In this case, there is no such problem – the toy is activated as soon as the cat touches it with its paw. Three different speed modes are supported, the toy bypasses obstacles by itself when moving. In addition, for additional attention, there are three options for lighting modes and playback of recorded sounds (for example, a mouse squeak). Supports control of the toy through the MiJia app (sounds, lights, mode, location search)

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