Meizu M5 Note smartphone.

Meizu M5 Note smartphone.

At the very end of last year, Meizu presented its new smartphone in Beijing

In addition, the next representative of the Note series received a large amount of memory, a capacious battery with a fast charging function and supports the LTE FDD frequency of 800 MHz (Band 20), which better than others meets the requirements for communication in premises, as well as in sparse areas. Read about all this and other features of the new product in the review of the Meizu M5 Note smartphone.

Main characteristics of Meizu M5 Note (Model M621H)

SoC MediaTek MT6755M (Helio P10), 8 cores @ 1.8 GHz (ARM Cortex-A53) GPU Mali-T860 Operating system Android 6.0 IPS 5.5 touch display

Contents of delivery.

The packaging of Meizu M5 Note is made in the same style as all the latest mobile products of the company. It is a rectangular box made of solid matte white cardboard with a minimum of labels and logos. Plumbing Sistem Clear Water-manual | PDF | Sanitary Sewer | Plumbing Everything is decorated stylishly, concisely, and executed with high quality. Inside, the contents are not piled up, but laid out in separate cells and smaller boxes.

The kit consists of a connecting cable of a rather thick cross-section and a powerful mains adapter with an output current of 2 A and a variable voltage of 5/9/12 V. The key for removing the cards is standardly attached to a cardboard folder with paper documentation.

Appearance and usability.

We can praise Meizu for the fact that in the mid-price, affordable segment, the company does not try to save as much as possible, but offers maximum opportunities. For example, unlike the recently tested Lenovo K6 Note and Huawei Honor 6X with prefabricated cases, in which the ends are completely plastic and only the middle part of the back is metal, the Meizu M5 Note has an all-metal case, only grooves for the antenna output are cut out in it.

The metal end parts gleam with bevels, real metal can be seen through the slots of the connectors and grilles, and in general the case produces a pleasant feeling of massiveness, solidity and reliability. Meizu M5 Note looks and feels good, which positively distinguishes it from the aforementioned competitors produced by Huawei and Lenovo.

Real metal not only feels more pleasant in the hand and does not allow the jacks to loosen over time, but also withstands shocks and falls more firmly. The surfaces of the case are completely non-slippery and not easily soiled, since the manufacturer has finally learned how to process metal correctly: 12-stage sandblasting is used.

The dimensions of the smartphone are quite consistent with modern standards for 5.5-inch devices. It is, of course, slightly more compact than the iPhone 6s Plus, which currently has perhaps the widest bezels at this screen size. The side faces are also a little more highlighted, they are not so rounded, but not quite straight either. In any case, the body of the Meizu M5 Note is held in the hand much more comfortably and more securely than the body of the Apple Plus series smartphones.

All elements are placed on the body in the usual places for Meizu smartphones. What distinguishes them from most products from other manufacturers is the absence of two touch buttons under the screen while there is a central button. Usually there are either three or none of the buttons under the screen. Here, only one button is installed, but it is even more functional than that of the same iPhone, since it supports the function of returning to the previous screen by a short touch without pressing. By pressing, unlocking is carried out using the fingerprint scanner built into the key. The scanner in our test sample worked rather strangely, sometimes it made mistakes, but this, perhaps, can be attributed to the fact that we were tested not by a serial commercial product, but by a test sample. The good news is that Meizu’s fingerprint sensor is installed not on the back of the case, but in front, where it is easier to reach it in any position of the smartphone.

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